New Album: Anthem

“Anthem” is Gospel Centered Worship’s debut album. Its 13 tracks are dedicated to bringing people face-to-face with the gospel and into meaningful praise and worship. Tracks 1-9 are congregational praise and worship songs, while tracks 10-14 are songs for specific moments in church services. Buy the album from iTunes here or buy a physical CD here.


01 | Christ Has Conquered All – Chords

A modern hymn celebrating Christ’s victory and all that He has done in the gospel.

02 | Bring Your Justice – Chords

A prayer asking God to bring His justice to a fallen world through His Church.

03 | Great Good God – Chords

Praising God for His greatness and grandeur, His goodness to His people, and His deity and supremacy.

04 | Free Indeed – Chords

A celebration of the freedom we have in the gospel; freedom from guilt, sin, despair, and the approval of man.

05 | It Was Finished on the Cross – chords

Proclaiming the finality of Christ’s victory in the cross and its effect on our lives.

06 | Wondrous Things – Chords

A hymn of praise that tells of Christ’s crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and return.

07 | Faithful – Chords

A song of remembrance of the proven faithfulness of God in our lives and encouragement to trust Him today.

08 | Brought to Life – Chords

Taking from Isaiah 53, this song marvels in how the suffering and death of Christ brought us to new life in Him.

09 | Glorious God – Chords

A song of praise for who God is and what He’s done.

10 | Listen and Live (Commitment) – Chords

Based largely on Isaiah 55, this is a song that tells of Christ’s invitation to sinners and calls listeners to come to Him to find life and be satisfied.

11 | Take My Life (Communion) – Chords

Written from Christ’s perspective on the story of our salvation and His invitation to the Communion table.

12 | Mighty Things (Christmas) – Chords

A Christmas song telling of the Savior’s mighty work in the lives of Mary, the Blind Man, and in each of us.

13 | Hope Hanging Next to Me (Good Friday) – Chords

A heart-rending look at one man’s redemption and the hope that we all find at the cross.

2 responses to “New Album: Anthem

  1. Wow guys, just listened. It’s AWESOME!!!! “Thank You Jesus! Do great things thru this project Lord, for your Good and Glory!!!” Love them all, but hands down, favs 12. Kristie singing “Mighty Things”. and 13. Matthew you singing “Hope Hanging Next to Me!” SOOO moving, both of them, all of them!!! Great job guys! Hats off band!! To Him all the Praise and Glory due! Excited to see where God will take Anthem!! Go God!!

  2. I downloaded the chords for Christ Has Conquered All – thank you for putting up the chords for free. However, I was also wondering if there is some piano sheet music to purchase for this song. Our pianist needs the notes, not just the chords. Thank you!

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